Aging Services Management

Master of Aging Services Management – Online
As people live longer, healthier lives the population of our planet is growing. In the coming years, the world will have to prepare for the largest population of older adults in human history. As a result of this population growth, the need for products and services that cater to older adults will grow along with this unique segment of our population.

The USC online Master of Aging Services Management (MASM) provides the opportunity for current and future aging services managers to acquire the knowledge and skills needed to respond to a rapidly growing population of older people. The program aims to prepare a knowledgeable and skilled workforce to successfully offer products, services and programs to older persons.

The aging services industries include residential care facilities, retirement communities, assisted living facilities, hospice care, home care and other home-delivered services, as well as emerging services such as lifelong creative therapy programs and home modification programs. Students will be prepared to utilize their skills and respond effectively to changes in the economic, legal and regulatory environments in which they are employed.

However, the impact of this demographic shift doesn’t stop at these select aging-centric professions. From health care to construction, insurance, banking, marketing, medicine, technology, cosmetics, clothing and food, into every business outlet, the effects of an aging population will be felt. In addition, the market for anti-aging products will continue growing as the desire to stay young or live longer becomes paramount. The aging population will also affect the world’s workforce, with people working longer and waiting to retire as they remain productive and efficient.

The Master of Aging Services Management core coursework provides theoretical framework and specific management skills related to the aging services industries. In addition, students will be required to choose elective courses from a broad range of gerontology courses, which include relevant subjects such as environmental design and emerging technologies. The curriculum encourages students to apply academic research into professional applications.

USC Master of Aging Services Management
By the Numbers:

  • Full program length: 18 months
  • Number of courses: 8
  • Total number of credits: 32
  • Start dates per year: 3 – Fall, Spring, Summer
  • Individual course length: 15 weeks

Why a Master of Aging Services Management

There is a growing demand for business professionals and managers who understand the needs and requirements of older people.

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Master’s in Aging Services Management Program Objectives

Learn to create new business opportunities and successfully offer products, services and programs to older persons.

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The curriculum is aimed at developing specific skills and knowledge necessary to effectively build or run a business that meets the needs of an aging population.

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2 Responses to “Aging Services Management”

  1. Tamara says:

    Corrected – I will be receiving a BS in gerontology in the near future. The MAG is not for me, but the MASM looks interesting…maybe an alternative to a master’s in social work? I would like to work specifically with the aging community.

    • gkass says:


      The MASM program provides current and future aging services managers with the skill set to successfully offer products and services and programs to older adults. Please contact your enrollment advisor for more details about how the MASM compares to other degrees in the field such as social work. Visit for contact information.

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