Master of Arts in Gerontology – Online
Gerontology is an exploration of the biological, physiological, psychological, sociological and political factors involved with the process of aging. It’s a journey into the fascinating world of human development and aging, exploring all of the intricacies that comprise the human lifespan.

By studying how humans age, we can better understand the needs of an aging population and create overall healthier lives and brighter futures for us all. By educating ourselves on the process of aging, we can create a better world, develop better care facilities and more effective medical practices.

The USC online Master of Arts in Gerontology (MAG) provides working professionals from various disciplines who work directly or indirectly with the aging, or those who would like to work with aging populations, the opportunity to acquire practical skills and formal training in gerontology.

Many professionals and staff members of agencies and organizations that serve the elderly received their education in disciplines like social work, public and health administration, business and medicine. While these disciplines provide preparation for certain job roles within health care and social service agencies, they often don’t accommodate the special needs and issues of older clients. The online Master’s in Gerontology can help such professionals better understand their own and their loved ones’ aging process, serve their older adult clients, and help to enhance and focus their careers.

The course work includes instruction on the processes of aging and professional courses designed to develop the skills needed for practice. All students take core courses in psychological, sociological and social policy aspects of aging. Applicants to the online Master’s Degree in Gerontology program are expected to have experience working in a human services, health care, business or similar setting with older adults.

USC Master of Arts in Gerontology
By the Numbers:

  • Full program length: 18 months
  • Total number of credits: 28
  • Start dates per year: 3 – Fall, Spring, Summer
  • Individual course length: 15 weeks

Why a Master of Arts in Gerontology

By studying and better understanding how humans age we can create a healthier future, better products, develop policy and positively affect our world.

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Master’s in Gerontology Program Objectives

Improving the quality of life for aging individuals is just one part of the online Master’s in Gerontology degree program.

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Explore the curriculum of the online Master of Arts in Gerontology program. Examine course descriptions and gain insight into what you will learn and what electives you should choose.

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  1. STEPHEN CHONG says:


    I am interested in pursuing the Master of Arts in Gerontology. Currently in Germany and will be returning to Singapore in middle of 2015. Could I enrol in this program through a distance learning since it is on-line ? Pl let me know. Many thanks.

  2. Jessica says:

    Can you get a dual degree in gerontology and an MBA?

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